Fruits of Our Labor 

Fruits of Our Labor is a Colorado based creative startup looking to bring art and imagination into people’s lives via workshops, online classes, and events. The goal is reaching people of all ages, from day care to dotage, so there had to be a balance between sophistication and surprises. That balance was struck with a series of simple sketched fruit silhouetes that could also spring to life as cheerful characters.

The next trick was bringing that playful yet functional spirit to the typography. Syne (designed by Lucas Descroix) became the perfect solution. The Regular and Bold weights of Syne feel contemporary and fashionable, while Mono Italic and Extra bring zesty off the wall emphasis.

The final results are a cheery boisterous brand that can also take a backseat and let the words do the talking

Fruits of Our Labor is a creative space for the weird, wacky, curious and crafty. Our mission is amplify non-conforming creativity through events, retail and mentorship”
-Jes Voight, Founder & CEO