Bright Health  
Creative Direction, John Kieselhorst

I worked on this Bright Health rebrand proposal back in 2016 as an intern on Made’s small creative department in Boulder, CO. Bright Health came to us looking to expand into the western United States with a fresh face. When deciding how to best stand out from the rest of the health insurance marketplace, we looked at what their competitors were doing, and–more importantly–what they weren’t doing. 

We started with a rainbow. Rather than sticking to the small slice of teals and blues that competitors used. We felt that Bright Health should bring to mind a full spectrum of care and color.

Color gave the brand a feeling of inclusivity and warmth without sacrificing simple sophistication. We chose to avoid the stock doctor/patient imagery found everywhere. Instead, we built an identity that centered around cheerful icons, bright color, and clear language.

My contributions to this pitch included designing and refining icons and grids, concepting brand looks, and generating dozens of logomarks. The logo we pitched–this smile, and space based on the ‘B’ in Bright–was actually pulled from one of my pages! Definitely my most exciting day as an intern.