PopSockets brings a weird phone accesory to the table so it only made sense for the brand to keep it weird too. When I joined the team in December 2018 a new rainbow rebrand rollout was just around the corner, featuring choice pastels and bright foil swirls.

With the new look we built a global campaign, bringing PopSockets to Asia and Europe for the first time. We put together a new look for Poptivism–PopSockets program for giving back–and we helped launch dozens of new products.

Back to School

On this campaign we brought back doodling in the margins. With illustrations by Elle Levy, Mr Kiji, and yours truly. It’s all about packing in the fun for the fall and a farewell to dog days of summer.

Express Yourself

Our Express Yourself campaign starred a cast of diverse women from history brought to life in the age of the smartphone. We built vignettes around the lives of Marie, Joan, Frida, and Cleo, imagining how they would style their world–and phone–today.


One of the most stellar additions to the PopSockets lineup was the PopWallet+ (a device still attached to the back of my own phone). It combined the function of a PopGrip with the convenience of a slim wallet for  essentials, and... it’s all swappable. So we built a series of animations to show it off from every angle.

The Holidays

In 2019 we launched our biggest holiday campaign yet. We looked back at the rosy shine and sparkle of vintage holiday catalogues and brought that sense of everyday glamour out in our photography.

Godzilla NYC

The biggest celebration of the rebranded PopSockets of the future was our takeover of NYC. With wall to wall print up in Penn Station and a takeover of Times Square’s Godzilla billboard we let the world see the new and improved PopSockets look.